About Us

Well, there’s not really an ‘us’…there’s just me, Brian Walter. Or, you can call me Truly, <3

**Greetings** — I’m really glad that you’ve stopped by.


Back in 1981 or so, on a camping trip in the high sierras, I experienced an awakening; I saw that I was destined for self-realization. Or at least a good, solid run at it in this lifetime.

Since then I’ve been a union engineer, a deadhead, a Hare Krishna monk, and a corporate computer guy. I got married and divorced, and became a father.

…and then, in January of 2009…I had a second awakening. I studied Tantra and EFT, Breathwork and Sacred Geometry. I got tattooed. I shed mountains of old wounding, and as my healing process really took off, I met a man who had studied with Slim Spurling, the now-deceased granddaddy of madmen who twist up sacred shapes out of copper wire. Yes, I know…there’s a certain resemblance.

It’s the beard. And, just perhaps…the direct connection to source.

The SimplySacred Merkaba orbs available on this website are a co-creation which has evolved out of the information I learned from my friend, and my dedication to my personal healing journey.

Each one is a custom art project which I create in a deeply meditative flow here in my home in Sedona, Arizona. I quite literally put myself, my personal transformational vibration, into them. Each one is guaranteed to shift your energy, and from that your life, into a higher dimensional reality.

These pieces are gorgeous works of art. With the simple addition of your intention and love, they also become keys to the manifestation of your perfect life.

I hope you enjoy the website. There’s a number of videos I made on the principles behind the orbs, and on how I make them. Check ’em out…there’s good information there, and when you’ve watched a few, you’ll understand why you would want one of these crazy things.

Peace and love, many blessings…